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KMA has the capability to perform pipeline video inspections via a remote-controlled video camera system.  This system can be used to view and record digital video, take still shots, and record measurements and other observations within stormwater drains, sanitary sewers, culverts and other inaccessible areas.

Application of this service will provide benefits in the planning, design and construction engineering phases.  For example, video inspection in the planning and design phases will identify fatal flaws in stormwater systems and allow the designer to determine the appropriate solutions, whether it be pipe cleaning, structural repair, or replacement, while inspection in the construction phase will determine if stormwater systems have been fabricated according to construction plans and, if remedies are required, they can be implemented while the contractor is at the job site.

Commonly referred to as a crawler brand, KMA’s pipeline inspection camera system allows inspection of pipes up to 72 inches in diameter and 1,000 feet in length.  It can generate both digital and hardcopy reports that document the desired specifications and conditions of the pipelines being examined.

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