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KMA has experience in various aspects of hydrology and hydraulics pertaining to project planning and preliminary engineering/final design, environmental permits/permit support, and compliance with the NJ Stormwater Management Rules.

KMA's service include:

  • Roadway Drainage Design

  • Evaluation of Stormwater Management Measures and for Compliance with the NJ Stormwater Management Rules (NJAC 7:8)

  • Design of Structural Stormwater Management Facilities for Water Quality and Quantity, including Bio-retention Systems, Detention Basins, Retention Basins, Extended Detention Basins, and Infiltration Basins

  • Preparation of Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

  • Engineering for Applications for NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Control Act (FHACA) Permits, including determination of Flood Hazard Areas and Floodways, Net Fill Calculations, and Backwater Analyses)

  • Performing Field and Laboratory Investigations/Testing for Design of Stormwater Management Facilities

  • Post-Construction Analysis of Stormwater Management Facilities for Compliance with the NJ Stormwater Management Rules

KMA engineers are highly efficient in the use of the following hydrology and hydraulic software programs:

  • HEC-1, TR 55, TR 20, WMS, HEC-25, and HEC-UNET for peak flows

  • Storm-CADD for highway drainage design

  • HEC-2, River CAD, and HEC-RAS for water surface profiles/backwater analyses

  • PondPack for analysis of stormwater management basins

  • EPA SWMM-stormwater and combined stormwater/sanitary analysis

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