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The KMA Geotechnical Team offers full-service design and construction support of foundation systems for all types of highway infrastructure projects.


KMA's Geotechnical Team are experienced in the following: 

  • Foundational Analysis and Design

  • Shallow and Deep Foundations​​

  • ​Earth Retaining Structures Analysis and Design

    • Retaining Walls​

    • Soil Nailing

  • Ground Improvement Methods

    • Lightweight Fills​

    • Aggregate Columns

    • Soil Mixing

    • Column Supported Embankments

    • Grouting

    • Prefabricated Vertical Wick Drains

  • Subsurface Exploration

  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) Borings​

    • Burmister Soil Classification System

    • Laboratory Testing

  • Pile Drivability and Capacity​

    • GRLWEAP and CAPWAP Analysis​

  • Global Stability

    • Slope Stability and

    • Seepage Analysis

    • Scour Evaluation 

    • Site Class Determination 

    • Liquefaction Analysis

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