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Location: Atlantic County, NJ

Client: Churchill Consulting Engineers

Owner: NJTA

Status: Construction Underway

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) retained Churchill Consulting Engineers to provide design services for the widening of the Garden State Parkway’s northbound and southbound lanes between mileposts 42.3 and 48.0 under NJTA Contract P200.255.  This project also entails the implementation of ten new sign structures and the widening and reconstruction of two existing bridges.  As part of design services, KMA was subcontracted to perform subsurface utility engineering (SUE) within the project limits.

SUE duties included review of preliminary drainage design plans to locate proposed tests holes within the medians, shoulders and other designated areas along the project corridor.  The vacuum excavation method was then utilized at fifty-three test holes to exact horizontal and vertical locations of underground utilities.  A comprehensive SUE Report summarizing test hole locations, measurements, types and field sketches was then prepared for the client.

Additional design services carried out by KMA included completion of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Quality Reviews (Phases A-D) and preparation of a Comment Resolution Summary (Phases A-C).

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