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Location: Camden County, NJ

Client: AECOM

Owner: NJDOT Aeronautics Division

Phase: Final Design

Status: Final Design Completed

KMA was retained by AECOM to perform ground surveying services associated with aeronautical obstruction surveys at various National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPAIS) airports in New Jersey.  Surveying and analysis were performed for the following airports:

  • Monmouth Executive Airport (Type 3 Airport)

  • Greenwood Lake Airport (Type 4 Airport)

  • Central Jersey Airport (Type 4 Airport)

  • Sussex Airport (Type 4 Airport)

Field work and office analysis included survey control, performing vertical profiles of runways, and supplemental survey.  KMA established permanent survey control to be utilized as Primary Airport Control Stations (PACS) and Secondary Airport Control Stations (SACS) for all the survey around the airport, surveyed all electronic and visual navigational aids (NAVAIDS) located at the airport, and surveyed the centerline profile of each runway involved.  Ground surveying tasks were performed pursuant to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circulars (ACs) AC 150/5300-16A, AC 150/5300-17G, and AC 150/5300-18B.

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