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Traffic Engineering

The traffic engineering staff at KMA provide innovative and economical solutions for inefficient road networks, creating safer and more productive transportation areas.  The following is a listing of our expertise under traffic design:

  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Traffic Data Collection (ATRs, Manual, and Traffic Video Recorders)
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling
  • Existing and Proposed Traffic Analysis
  • FHWA Highway Safety Analyses and Road Safety Audits
  • Truck Turning Swept Path Analysis
  • Roundabout Analysis
  • Integrated Corridor Management Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Design and Layout
  • Highway Lighting Analysis
  • Traffic Signing and Striping Plans
  • Traffic Impact and Access Studies
  • Traffic Operational Analysis
  • Pedestrians and Bicycle Analysis
  • Speed/Classification Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • High-Intensity Activated CrossWalK (HAWK) beacon
  • Traffic Mitigation Reports
  • Trip Generation Analysis