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Route 29 Alexauken Creek Road to Washington Street

Route 29 Alexauken Creek Road to Washington Street


Route 29, Alexauken Creek Road to Washington Street; MP 19.8-24.5 & 33.7-34.3 , City of Lambertville, Township of Delaware, Borough of Stockton, Kingwood Township, Frenchtown Borough; Hunterdon County (NJDOT)

Route 29 Alexauken Creek Road to Washington StreetThis project was an assignment under an NJDOT General Engineering Services Agreement (#2013PM921P0 for Concept Development (CD) phase services for this resurfacing and drainage improvements project.

KMA conducted hydrologic and hydraulic analyses of existing conditions and proposed conditions for various alternatives.

Evidence of roadway drainage problems was reported at a number of locations. This evidence included inlet/headwall clogging, icing, ponding, broken pavement, erosion of roadway shoulders and near headwalls, and sediment accumulations on the roadway/shoulders and near inlets.

The area of the drainage problems included a total of twelve (12) culverts and/or bridges. In the CD phase, KMA confirmed these problems through additional field investigation, quantified the hydrologic and hydraulic existing conditions, and developed alternatives to address the drainage problems.  The hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of existing conditions were examined at each of the identified drainage problem areas individually.