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Pipe Video Inspection

Pipe Video Inspection


KMA has the capability to perform pipe/culvert video inspection via a mobile video camera system.

KMA has acquired a remote controlled video camera system which can be used to view and record digital video, take still shots, and document observations, including measurement of features on-screen, within pipes and culverts and other inaccesssible areas. The system is designed primarily for use in the inspection of stormwater pipes and culverts and pipes, as well as sanitary sewer pipes.

Application of this service will provide benefits in the planning, design and construction engineering phases. Video inspection in the planning and design phases will identify fatal flaws in stormwater systems and allow the designer to determine the appropriate solutions, whether it be pipe cleaning or repair/replacement. Inspection in the construction phase will determine if stormwater systems have been constructed per the construction plans, and, if remedies are required, they can be implemented while the contractor is at the job site.

Commonly referred to as a crawler brand, the system allows inspection of a wide variety of pipe sizes (6 to 72 inch diameter), materials, and conditions. Our system has the capacity to video inspect pipe/culvert lengths up to 1000 feet.

Besides real-time observations, the system can generate both digital and hard copy reports that document pipe/culvert size, type, and general condition, as well as specific defects (breaks, cracks, spalling, joint leaks, etc.) , including their sizes and locations. A digital (DVD) of the video can also be provided.

KMA also has full-service traffic control equipment and trained staff for conducting pipe video inspection in roadway travel lanes and shoulders. Equipment includes truck mounted attenuators and various Traffic control devices (warning signs, cones).