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Pile Driving Monitoring

KMA Pile Driving


KMA offers on-site pile testing during driving using the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) system, a popular and reliable system for dynamic load testing and pile driving monitoring.

The PDA system uses High Strain Dynamic Load monitoring to assess and evaluate the following:

  • Pile CapacityPile Driving
  • Shaft Integrity
  • Driving Stresses

Some of the advantages of using PDA dynamic tests as opposed to static load tests are:

  • More test piles can be driven over a relatively short time period
  • More information is evaluated
  • Lowers overall foundation cost due to use of higher load factors or lower factors of safety
  • Problems are identified early
  • Pile driving can be monitored remotely using wireless transmission and/or the Internet

KMA currently has three professionals trained in operation of the PDA system (Pile Driving Analyzer Software and Wave Mechanics) :

  • John L. Dogbey, PE (Basic Proficiency)
  • Jeffrey Yates, PE (Intermediate Prociency)
  • Michael Hourani, EIT