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NJ Route 44 Truck Bypass and DuPont Port Access Road

Location: Gibbstown, Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

Client: McCormick Taylor, Inc.

Owner: Gloucester County and the Gloucester County Improvement Authority

Phase: Final Design

Status: Construction Underway

Gloucester County and the Gloucester County Improvement Authority have retained McCormick Taylor, Inc. to provide Final Design phase services for construction of the proposed Route 44 Bypass and Dupont Port Access Road.  This $9.9 million project will construct a new 0.6-mile truck bypass that will accommodate the future development of the Repauno Plant (currently owned by Dupont) and limit future truck access to its south end.  It will also connect the existing Route 44 in both directions to A Line Road, reducing truck traffic through residential communities and, as a result, increasing quality of life and safety.  As part of Final Design phase services on this county-sponsored project, KMA Consulting Engineers, Inc. provided supplemental and right-of-way surveys, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), geotechnical engineering, and pavement design.

As part of these services, KMA established supplemental horizontal and vertical controls, as well as construction benchmarks, within the project limits; determined the need for and performed subsurface exploration and in-situ testing to evaluate geotechnical concerns (e.g. foundation support, settlement, slope stability and ground water conditions); solicited proposals from qualified drilling contractors; performed twenty-two borings at the proposed locations of wing walls, abutments and retaining walls; and composed a Final Geotechnical/Pavement Design Report.  The report included results of the geotechnical investigations, analyses of foundation types, pavement analyses and construction recommendations (including results of field investigations, laboratory soil testing, and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer testing).