Engineering Services

NJ Route 168 Newton Lake Dam

NJ Route 168 Newton Lake DamKMA provided various professional services to McCormick Taylor, Inc, and Hardesty & Hanover for the Preliminary engineering (PE) and Final Design (FD) phases, respectively, of this dam replacement and bridge rehabilitation project for the NJDOT.

For PE, KMA performed survey/mapping, utilities engineering, geotechnical engineering, and H & H analysis. For FD, KMA performed final utility engineering, supplemental survey, geotechnical engineering, and permitting.

Permits procured included a NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands General Permit #18 and Waterfront Development Individual Permits (Upland and In-water), and a US Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Nationwide Permit #23 Preconstruction Notification.

The NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Control Act did not apply to this Dam Safety project.