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Land Surveying

Land Surveying


KMA has twelve (12) full time survey personnel and one (1) part-time survey consultant, encompassing licensed surveyors, survey crew chiefs, and survey technicians. Depending on the task, we are able to mobilize up to six survey crews. Our senior survey staff include licensed Professional Land Surveyors (PLSs) in NJ, PA, NY, and DE.

All survey work is performed under the direct supervision of a PLS in the appropriate state. Our senior survey staff are highly familiar with the NJDOT Survey Manual, the NJDOT Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping Guidelines, NJDOT Article 44/Survey report, NJDOT Article 51/CADD, the Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee Standards, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Survey/Mapping Circulars.surveying5

KMA’s land surveying services include:

  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Surveys
  • Ground Control for Surveying and Mapping
  • Stream and Lake Cross-sections Hydrographic Surveying)
  • Topographic Surveys, Roadway Profiles and Cross-sections
  • Miscellaneous Surveys (wetlands lines, monitoring wells, soil borings, utility and soil test pits)
  • Boundary and Title Surveys (including title documentation research, parcel maps, and legal descriptions)
  • Right-of-Way Surveys (IPPMs, GPPMs, and ETMs)
  • Preparation of As-built Plans