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Environmental Services

Environmental Services


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Related Documentation:

  • NEPA Categorical Exclusions (CEs)
  • NEPA Environmental Assessments (EAs)
  • NEPA Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)
  • NEPA Environmental Reevaluations
  • NJ Executive Order No. 215 (EO 215) Environmental Documents (EAs and EISs)
  • Environmental Screenings
  • Environmental Technical Studies (NEPA and EO 215)
  • Community Impact Assessments
  • Section 4(f) Evaluations (Individual, Programmatic and de minimus)
  • Section 106 Documentation

New Jersey Permits and Approvals:

  • NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands Permits (Individual, General Permits, Transition Area Waivers)
  • NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Control Act Permits (Individual and General Permits, Permits-by-rule, General permits-by-certification)
  • NJDEP Coastal Permit Program Permits (Waterfront Development, CAFRA, Coastal Wetlands – Permits-by-rule, General Permits, General Permits-by-certification)
  • NJDEP Stormwater Management Rules
  • Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission Approvals
  • NJ Highlands Council Development Approvals
  • NJ Pinelands Commission Development Approvals
  • NJDEP Green Acres Diversion Approvals
  • NJDEP Tidelands Conveyances

Federal Permits and Approvals:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Section 404/10 Permits (Individual and Nationwide)
  • US Coast Guard Bridge Permits
  • Endangered Species Act of 1973 Consultation
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968 Consultation
  • Magnuson – Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act Amendments – Essential Fish Habitat Assessments

Wetlands Studies:

  • Wetland Delineations (Federal Manual, US Army Corps of Engineers Manual/Regional Supplements and Pinelands Commission Manual)
  • Wetland Functional Assessments
  • NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands Letters of Interpretation
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdictional Determinations