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Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

KMA has the capabilities to assist contractors or other related entities with their preparation, submission and approval of working drawings and submittals as required by the owner in accordance with the contract specifications. Our construction engineering services include:

Temporary Pedestrian /Vehicular Bridges

  • Foundations
  • Walking Surfaces

Temporary Support of Excavation

  • Cantilever Sheet Piling
  • Braced sheet Piling

Bridge Construction and Demolition

  • Timber Planks
  • Overhang Jack
  • Underdeck and Overhand Shielding (Demolition and Erection)

Bridge Demolition Plans

  • Critical Picks
  • Crane Sizing
  • Slab Removal
  • Laydown Area
  • Haul Away Zones
  • Sequencing
  • Traffic Control

Bridge Erection Plans

  • Crane Sizing and Placement
  • Temporary Hold Downs

Formwork, Layout & Reinforcement Steel

Class 1A Containment Systems (Bridge Painting)